For tree huggers, it is a sad, sad day indeed.  No tree hugger of note likes to see an ancient old fir or oak tree being hacked down right down to its stump. Indeed, a tree removal services youngsville company will be going even further. The arbor specialists appointed to this laborious but important job will be attempting to remove the stump as well.

And if needs be, the work will go even further. This is a huge operation. Take the ancient old oak or fir tree as an example. It may have been standing erect in someone’s garden for generations. It is not unusual for such trees to be standing so for hundreds of years.

So, while you gaze with wonder at just how tall such a tree has grown and how far and wide its thick green branches stretch, just imagine how far this tree’s roots have grown. Quite an operation trying to remove such roots that end up eating into the foundations of the property.

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The job is that huge. It may not even be possible to remove the roots altogether but never you mind that. Because the arbor specialist will have prepared a special coating or lacquer that goes over the sliced portion of the exposed roots. This lacquer is virtually toxic and does not allow the roots to grow any further.

It just simply dies. Now all that you have just read may seem quite horrid to the tree lover. But as a tree lover, he or she will surely understand why such an operation is necessary. You have already witnessed the damage such a tree could cause to the property. And it goes further, when falling branches during a heavy storm pose risks for all and sundry in close proximity to the tree.