Let’s face it, we live in and have to share the world with a variety of other creatures.  These creatures, however foreign to us do serve a purpose in the ecology of our world and need to be allowed to perform these functions.  However, when they encroach and invade our homes and offices, doing damage and making our lives miserable, it is time that we do something.  For many of us this includes pest management portland or

Keep food locked up

The first thing that you need to do is manage your food.  When we have food out of packages, strewn around on the floor or otherwise available to pests, these pests will move in and consume this food as if it were their own.  For many of us this is not acceptable.  So, you need to make sure that any old food is disposed of properly and that anything new is properly sealed and stored.

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Keep standing water cleaned up

Next to food, water is another component to all life.  The same goes for these pests as well.  In order to keep pets away removing standing water where they drink, and breed is a good start.  After the water is removed you want to keep spills cleaned up, cracks where dampness resides closed and just keep as much of your world as dry as possible.

Call in a professional

When these two measures fail the next thing that you want to do is call in a professional.  When we call in a professional, they will have the knowledge to locate and remove these pests.  They have special poisons, traps and years of experience that they can use to remove these creatures safely or to kill them and setup a protective barrier so they can’t return.